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Latest technology for comprehensive diagnosis

Modern dental technology at our dental practice in Munich allows for precise preparation and planning of various dental surgical procedures and full diagnosis at the same time.

  • For implant treatments it is our technical equipment and the thorough and experienced evaluation at our dental practice for individual and perfectly fitting implant solutions.
  • The X-ray-aided diagnosis and support throughout the treatment process offer detailed digital calculations of the situation at hand.
  • Comprehensive and precise diagnosis of endodontic problems in order to search and locate the source of the inflammation in root tips.
3D-Diagnostic munich

The dental practice in Munich with highly-precise X-ray

Digital volume tomography (DVT) allows for highly-precise three-dimensional evaluation and clarification of the whole situation in the jaw region. Being X-ray in its most advanced form this form of dental diagnosis is particularly gentle.

Advice for our patients:

Comprehensive diagnosis and information on additional findings
It goes without saying that our dentists keep an eye our for any additional findings as they are putting together your detailed evaluation and diagnosis. You will be informed about this.