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Surgical apicoectomy

In apicoectomy, or in particular in this area, precision plays as central a role as the skills and experience of the dentist treating you. This treatment, too, is all about preserving the tooth in question for the long term – in fact, more often than not, this treatment may be the only way to preserve the tooth. Add to this that this chronical source of inflammation is a huge burden on your body, and that many factors need to be taken into account for a fast and comprehensive healing process.

Surgical apicoectomy munich
Thanks to years of experiences and specialised surgical skills we achieve first-class results in our apicoectomies. The source of the inflammation is removed in a micro surgical procedure and the potentially insufficient filling of the root is renewed.

Advice for our patients:

Quick healing following dental surgery
Please avoid physical exercise for at least 24 hours following your surgery. The same applies to alcohol and nicotine. It is equally important that you avoid products containing milk and flour.