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Extracting wisdom teeth: Your specialised practice clinic in Munich

As much as this type of dental surgery may be for dentists as decisive it is that this surgery be administered gently and with of optimal and fast healing processes in mind. Being a dental practice specialised in surgery we ensure that our dentists give you comprehensive, and if and when needed, three-dimensional diagnosis in preparation for your surgery, and in order to precisely address the situation of your wisdom tooth adequately.

Extracting wisdom teeth munich

Details and treatment processes for extraction of wisdom teeth

  • In most cases wisdom teeth can be extracted in a most gentle way. This helps prevent more comprehensive surgery.
  • We will give you detailed advice regarding options for local or general anaesthesia.
  • As a dental practice specialised in dental surgery we perform every single extraction of wisdom teeth in the perfect conditions for this procedure.
  • It goes without saying that our main focus in this is on being as gentle as possible to neighbouring teeth and gum tissue. We also take into account the particularities of anatomy – so as to ensure that here, too, we have the perfect conditions for the perfect healing process free from complications.

Advice for our patients:

3D diagnosis for the extraction of wisdom teeth
The state-of-the-art equipment at our practice clinic in Munich for dental surgery allows up to perform comprehensive diagnosis prior to commencing treatment.