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Gum treatment and gum regeneration in periodontal surgery

Healthy gums and a periodontium that is as intact as possible are both crucial in preserving your teeth in the long term. These aspects are just as important for the aesthetic side of this. For this purpose we offer periodontial treatments – in more general speech also known as surgical gum treatment – at our practice clinic in Munich. We offer a vast range of options for regeneration of the gingiva and periodontium.

Gum treatment and gum regeneration munich

Gum treatment and gum regeneration munich

Regenerative and reconstructive gum treatment at our practice clinic in Munich:

for the protection, preservation and building of gums, the gingiva and the periodontium.
  • The reasons for retreating gums, such as recessions, may include periodontitis, infections or damage done by brushing your teeth among other causes. By using our first-class treatments in periodontal surgery gums can be straightened and protected.
  • In regenerative periodontal surgery our dentists ensure that bone is augmented, that the periodontium is strengthened and that gum reconstruction yields excellent results.
  • Thanks to the latest micro surgical procedures combined with years of experience we yield high-quality results in periodontal surgery in terms of regeneration and aesthetics.

Advice for our patients:

Gum diseases put your health and the stability of your teeth at risk. You can create ideal conditions for protecting your teeth and your gums through consistent oral care and hygiene at home. This is in addition to prevention measures at regular intervals and professional tooth cleansing.