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Your children's dentist in Munich – consultations and treatment tailored to the needs of children

Our dental practice in the centre of Munich is also geared to dentistry for children and young people, and offers the best in preventive treatment, professional dental treatments and a welcoming atmosphere for children. After all children's teeth require particular protection – and your little ones require a children’s dentist with who them feel safe and comfortable.

Children's dentist Munich

Care, diagnosis, and protection for children's teeth

The range of services available at our dental practice in the area of children's dentistry ensure comprehensive protection of baby teeth, and of course, also of your children's permanent teeth.
  • Our children’s dentist will provide you with comprehensive advise as to what you can do to protect your child's teeth every day as best as you can. Ideally we would like to see you for an appointment as soon as your child’s first tooth breaks through. This allows us to be with you and your children along the way of their teeth developing.
  • Prevention at regular intervals. Coaching in nutrition and care helps effectively prevent dental conditions. This is particularly important for children. We will gently guide your child to ensure that dental care and dental appointments will become the norm. This will also keep caries away.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis is the basis for perfect, treatment appropriate for children. This is how we develop the therapy and treatment approach for your child.
  • Our treatment options for children include all the health services for the health of children’s teeth: from fillings to children's crowns and fissure seals.

Your children's dentist ensures gentle & careful treatments

Visiting your children’s dentist should be a positive experience from the very beginning. This is why a careful and child-appropriate approach is at the heart of how we treat our little patients. Depending on your child’s age and on the treatment necessary we offer different procedures at our dental practice in Munich in order to make treatments as pain-free as possible. Along with specialised technique we also offer your offspring the following options:
  • Local anaesthesia: we tailor our approach to your child also for treatment administered under local anaesthesia.
  • Twilight sleep: This modern procedure is well-suited to children who are afraid and who are undergoing longer treatments. This procedure helps relax the patient. You will have a specialised anaesthetist present during your treatment.
  • Sedation and general anaesthesia: For more comprehensive treatments or for children who are very fearful sedation or general anaesthesia may become necessary. This treatment, too, will be accompanied by a specialised and experienced anaesthetist.