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We assist phobic patients, we help with fear of dental treatments

A lot of people feel uncomfortable prior to seeing their dentist. For phobic patients, however, and for people with severe and chronic fear of dental treatment or people with gag reflex, a visit to the dentist is particularly unpleasant. Being a trained and specialised time of dentists and dental practice professionals we support you individually when it comes to your fear of dentists or your phobia. We will find the best and the most gentle solution for you. You can trust our emotional intelligence and our understanding for the phenomenon of fear. It is important to reduce this fear in order to keep additional treatments needed to a minimum. These are often a result of this fear.

Speak to us – we will be more than glad to discuss how we can best help you, and how we can take away your fear as well as the pain.

Phobic patients and fear of dental treatments munich

General anaesthetics and twilight sleep procedures – effective help with fear of dentists

The modern and gentle procedure of general anaesthetics or twilight sleep offer you a range of options that let us administer any treatment without you suffering from fear, pain or gag reflexes. 
Our practice team has been specially trained for dealing with phobic patients and fear of dental treatment. As such we act according to your individual needs and wishes. We will inform you and advise you as to which procedure is best for you.
  • General anaesthesia: For patients with particularly strong reactions to fear and panic we offer general anaesthesia for particularly extensive forms of treatment. In this, too, a specialised and experienced anaesthetist will be with you during your treatment.
  • Twilight sleep: This modern procedures is well-suited to people with a fear of dental treatments and phobia. This procedure helps relax the patient. You will have a specialised anaesthetist present during your treatment.

You can find more information on twilight sleep and general anaesthetics here.