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Modern & gentle procedures for treatment under anaesthesia, sedation or twilight sleep

As experienced dentists, we know just how important the right procedure for you is when it comes to local anaesthetics, twilight sleep, sedation or general anaesthetics. After all, we would like our patients to experience as little pain and anxiety as possible in addition to a relaxed atmosphere. Furthermore, we have become specialised in professional and gentle treatment in the case of extensive phobia or gag reflex and retching.

In order to address this we offer you a range of different options – from twilight sleep to gentle sedation right up to treatment under general anaesthetic. This is because anxiety and pain are unnecessary, and we also help with pronounced dental treatment phobia and gag reflex, effectively and gently.

Anaesthesia, sedation and twilight sleep munich

General anaesthesia

In cases involved very high levels of fear, phobia, and gag reflex as well as comprehensive dental restoration, general anaesthesia may be suggested, and this might make sense. This lets you arrive fully relaxed for your treatment. General anaesthesia will be administered and supported by an experienced and specialised anaesthetist. We will give you detailed advice.


We offer you a gentle and straightforward alternative to general anaesthetics – insofar this is possible and reasonable as part of the treatment – in the form of medical sedation. This eases anxiety and provides a pleasant sleepiness, while it remains possible to communicate with you and you are fully conscious. For many treatments, sedation offers a gentle alternative with few side effects and its effects are limited to a period of 3 hours. Make use of this inclusive service in our practice, for example for professional tooth cleaning or filling treatments as well.

Twilight sleep procedures

Dental treatments during twilight sleep may make for a good and effective alternative to general anaesthetics when you undergo small-scale treatments. This procedure puts patients into a state of sleep in which they are free from fear, pain, and reflexes. This approach is very gentle because its duration of effectiveness can be tailored to the treatment you are undergoing. In this an experienced and specialised anaesthetist will administer the hypnotic for the patient in question. The option chosen will be the perfect choice in terms of pain killers and hypnotics. The anaesthetist will be with you during treatment.

We will be more than glad to discuss the twilight sleep procedure in a conversation prior to your treatment.