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Your dental practice in the heart of Munich – state-of-the-art dentistry combined with a pleasant atmosphere

Our dental practice & our practice clinic in the heart of Munich offer you a pleasant atmosphere – and modern technology for dental and surgical treatments at the same time.

Dental practice in the heart of Munich

The technical equipment at Dr. Kolling Dental Practice in Munich

State-of-the-art equipment for root-canal treatments. We have technically highly advanced equipment that helps us administer treatment at the first indication of root canals needing professional treatment. The flexible titanium files we use are precise and safe, and this technique allows for considerably lower treatment time.

Digital volume tomography (DVT) offers all kinds of varieties of three-dimensional diagnosis and clarification. The 3D diagnosis equipment at our dental practice allows for comprehensive yet highly precise planning of the implant solution that perfectly suits your needs. Alternatively this allows for precise planning of your surgical procedure. Over the entire course of your treatment we will have perfect imagery.

We use state-of-the-art imaging technology provided by an intraoral camera. This is for diagnosis, documenting treatments, and all this happens right where you are.

The integrated surgical microscope as well as the comprehensive equipment at our practice clinic meets the highest standards in dentistry and surgery.

Certified quality management at our dental practice guarantees a high level of safety and quality but also a reliable level of hygiene throughout the practice workflow.