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Gently whiten teeth - our bleaching treatment in Munich

Beautiful white teeth and a radiant smile are essential for your personal well-being and an attractive appearance. The modern and very gentle bleaching procedures offered at our dental practice in the centre of Munich give you something to smile beautifully about.

Bleaching treatment Munich

Your dental practice in Munich offers excellent tooth whitening

Professional bleaching helps whiten your teeth gently while taking good care of them. Whether you are looking for comprehensive bleaching treatments to whiten all of your teeth or you want to return individual teeth that are especially discoloured to their original colour, we will be more than glad to advise you personally on your options.

How are my teeth bleached?

For professional bleaching in our dental practice we use a gel made of 40% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). This substance is also used in hair dyes and for disinfecting wounds.

Over time, pigments from coffee, red wine, tobacco and so on can be deposited onto your teeth, causing them to darken. The H202 gel gently bleaches these pigments.

Many teeth can also become discoloured through root canal work. In such cases we insert the special gel directly into the root canal to lighten up the tooth from inside.

What are the first steps in the bleaching process?

Before starting the bleaching process, the dentist checks your teeth and gums and carries out any preliminary treatments that may be necessary. Any loose fillings or crown margins need to be rectified. Your teeth should also be cleaned professionally. It is important that your teeth are in perfect condition to ensure the lightening process is successful.

Are there any side effects or risks during the bleaching process?

Our dental practice specialises in performing the bleaching treatment professionally and correctly. If teeth are well maintained, this time-tested and well-researched technology will not cause them any damage. The only side effect is that your teeth may become sensitive to hot and cold, but this disappears after a few days.

What should I remember after the bleaching process?

We recommend you avoid strongly pigmented foodstuffs such as coffee, tea and red wine and that you avoid smoking for a period up to two weeks afterwards, because your teeth are more susceptible to new deposits of pigments during this time. Furthermore, you should wait approximately two weeks before dentures are manufactured or having fillings in the front of your teeth. After this time, your teeth will have reached their final colour.

How long do the effects of the bleaching last?

Once your teeth have been successfully whitened, you can usually enjoy your radiant smile for at least three years. Your individual cleaning and eating habits will considerably effect this period, however.

What is the bleaching process in our practice?

We carry out the bleaching treatment directly in our dental practice (“in-office bleaching”). This means that it is professionally monitored by a dentist at all times. The initial results are visible immediately.

We will schedule a two-hour appointment for the bleaching process. Your teeth should be professionally cleaned a few days beforehand.

We would be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss whether your teeth are suitable for bleaching. We will show you all of your options for a radiant smile!

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Advice for our patients:

Bleaching for devitalised teeth

Even teeth that may have become darker, e.g. as the result of root-canal treatment, can be brightened in bleaching treaments. We will be more than glad to advise you!