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Our bleaching treatment in Munich – Gently bleaching teeth

State-of-the-art, gentle bleaching procedure
Beautiful, white teeth and a radiant smile are crucial to beauty and personal wellbeing. The modern and yet very gently bleaching procedures offered at our dental practice in Munich give you all the options to make sure that you have something beautiful to smile about.

Bleaching treatment Munich

Your dental practice offers excellent bleaching

Professional bleaching helps brightening your teeth gently and while taking good care of them. We will be more than glad to advise you personally in regards to your options, being this for comprehensive bleaching treatments, bleaching individual teeth or giving darker teeth their original colour back.

Advice for our patients:

Bleaching for devitalised teeth

Even teeth that may have become darker, e.g. as the result of root-canal treatment, can be brightened in bleaching treaments. We will be more than glad to advise you!