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Invisible bite guard splint by Invisalign – the most pleasant form of tooth straightening!

The transparent and removable Invisalign bite guard splints enable corrective treatment of a great variety of defective tooth positions and at the same time they offer the very best in comfort and aesthetics.

You may believe orthodontic tooth straightening is linked to metal frames and fixed splints, but with Invisalign all this no longer applies!

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Invisible, pleasant to wear and easy to remove

You only need to take the as good as invisible, elastic plastic splints out when you eat or clean your teeth; yet no one will notice that while you are wearing them tooth straightening is being carried out. You need have no worries about laughing and even when you are speaking you or other people around you will not notice the splints. For daily ora

Your certified Invisalign dental practice in Munich

Together with you, we will draw up a personal treatment plan for your Invisalign tooth straightening. The splints will be individually made for you – based on a precise examination of the jaw and teeth. Every seven days you will receive new Invisalign splints adjusted to the progress of your corrective treatment. The total number of splints is generally about 14.

As an Invisalign certified dental practice in Munich, we will consult with you in detail on the individual steps and present you in advance with a detailed, three-dimensional animation of the corrective treatment planned and of the final result. So you can see beforehand exactly what your smile will look like after the Invisalign treatment.

Enjoy the advantages of aesthetic and comfortable tooth straightening with Invisalign

  • The so-called aligners (removable, transparent plastic splints) offer the very best in comfort as well as optimum aesthetics, functionality, phonetics and oral hygiene.
  • For optimum results, a well-founded diagnosis is essential, as is a detailed treatment plan and the individual manufacture of the corrective splints. As a certified Invisalign practice in Munich, we will accompany you on your way to your desired smile.
  • You need only plan in a very brief amount of time every seven days for the individual treatments.
  • This modern and decidedly pleasant method of tooth straightening is suitable both for young people and for adults.
  • During the course of your treatment, we will make sure that the corrected position of your teeth will be permanent. After treatment and your successful tooth straightening, you can rely on a long-term beautiful smile – a permanent result.

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