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Invisible splints – the most agreeable way to a perfect smile!

The use of invisible splints for straightening teeth is now an established form of treatment in (adult) orthodontics. These splints, which are made from transparent plastic, are perfectly compatible with a modern lifestyle: They are inconspicuous during everyday use and pleasant to wear, require few visits to the dentist and make tooth movement possible within a short time (just a few months).

Our practice is certified for the use of the Invisalign system, and has many years of experience with various splint systems.

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We will collaborate with you to produce a personal treatment plan on the basis of a detailed tooth and jaw examination for your Invisalign tooth straightening. We will discuss the anticipated end result and the exact duration of the treatment on the basis of a 3D simulation on the computer, and can take your requirements into consideration. Then the splints (“aligners”) will be individually manufactured for you.

Tooth straightening couldn’t be easier: You only need to remove the aligner at mealtimes and for daily dental care. You can laugh and talk without problems, and the aligner is almost invisible to others.

Who are invisible aligners suitable for?

The Invisalign system can be used in many areas of (adult) orthodontics. The thin, transparent aligners exert gentle pressure on the teeth. They close gaps, straighten slanted teeth and correct minor and also complex tooth misalignment (typical example: tilting of front teeth in the lower jaw).

Even if you already have implants, bridges or have had root canal treatment, you can benefit from gentle tooth straightening. Only healthy teeth will be moved. The method is suitable for both adults and adolescents.

Your certified Invisalign dental practice in Munich

Our patients can get all of their treatment in the familiar surroundings of our practice for a new perfect smile, and do not have to consult an orthodontist. As an Invisalign-certified dental practice in Munich we will provide you with detailed advice about the individual steps that are involved in the treatment. We will present you with a detailed 3D animation of the planned corrections and the end result beforehand. In this way, you can see exactly what your smile will look like after the Invisalign treatment in advance.

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Enjoy the benefits of aesthetic and comfortable tooth straightening with Invisalign:

Overview benefits

  • The so-called aligners (removable, transparent plastic splints) are very comfortable to wear, and optimum aesthetics, functionality, phonetics and oral hygiene options.
  • In-depth diagnostics, a detailed treatment plan and customised manufacturing of the splints are essential for a perfect result. As a certified Invisalign practice based in Munich, our experienced team of specialists will accompany you every step of the way to the smile of your dreams.
  • You only need to make individual brief visits to our practice, and the entire treatment is usually completed within a few months.
  • This modern and highly pleasant tooth straightening method is suitable for both adolescents and adults.
  • We will ensure that the corrected position of your teeth will be permanent. For this purpose, at the end of the treatment we can either use a so-called retainer, a barely noticeable thin wire that is attached to the inside of the teeth, or you will be given a specially manufactured retainer splint, which is only worn at night. After your successful tooth straightening, you can rely on a long-term beautiful smile – a permanent result!

Who covers the cost of the treatment with Invisalign?

The cost of splint treatment is not covered by statutory health insurance. However, private health insurance companies will cover the cost of straightening if it is deemed necessary for dental reasons. If you have taken out private supplementary insurance, it depends on the tariff and the medical necessity. We would be pleased to assist you with your inquiry to the health insurance company concerning possible acceptance of the costs.

Make an appointment now! We would be pleased to provide you with detailed and non-binding advice about the alignment splint route to a beaming smile, and will give you detailed information about the costs and the procedure.