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State-of-the-art endodontics, root-canal treatment

When the dental pulp is affected by disease or when it has died off already, what is known as root-canal treatment in professional language or endodontic treatment becomes necessary. In this, too, the rule is that, if you come to see us at Dr. Kolling Dental Practice in Munich, the better the chances of our dentists to preserve your natural teeth in the long-run, and to keep them free from symptoms thanks to endodontic treatment.

Root-canal treatment munich

The most advances procedures in root-canal treatment

By disinfecting the root-canal system our dentists remove the bacteria or any dental pulp. The root canal affected is then treated: Thanks to the highly modern equipment at our dental practice in Munich we can use tools in this that take into account the latest scientific findings. Using flexible titanium files this gives us a maximum of precision and safety and thereby considerably shorter treatment times. The root-canal system is then sealed in order to prevent renewed entry of bacteria and inflammation. As part of an exact treatment plan, we set the dates for follow-up care and check-ups. You should most definitely ensure that you come in for these appointments.

Advice for our patients:

What causes pulp infections?

Bacteria entering the pulp may cause this type of inflammation – usually by way of caries near a nerve or a nerve that has been infected as a result of caries or gum inflammation. Please be vigilant when it comes to possible symptoms, and make an appointment early at our dental practice in Munich.