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State-of-the-art adhesive periodontic treatments at our dental practice in Munich

In modern dentistry it is adhesive bridges and crowns in particular that offer alternatives particularly easy on your teeth when compared to other forms of dental prostheses. In contrast to many conventional crowns and bridges, in adhesive prosthetic solutions, dental prostheses are fixed by sticking them the natural hard substance of your teeth. The rims / transitions between these and your natural tooth are perfectly coordinated in terms of colour, and no layperson would be able to tell the difference.


Adhesive periodontic treatments munich

There are countless advantages thanks to adhesive prosthetic solutions

The main advantages for you as a patient: the teeth adjacent to the gap no longer need to be ground when adhesive bridges are used. This approach is also gentle to your gums. As a whole this treatment is minimally invasive and, as such, it requires a minimum of anaesthesia or none at all.

However adhesive bridges are not suitable for every top of gap in your row of teeth. We at Dr. Kolling Dental Practice will be more than glad to advise you!


Carefully closing interdental gaps

Adhesive prostheses make for a minimally invasive and asthetic solution even for tiny interdental gaps that may have resulted from agenesis or loss of teeth. Over times these gaps might become bigger. This prosthetic treatment is easy on your teeth, and it promotes the protection and the health of your gums. This is because it is easy to keep your prosthesis hygienic. No anaesthetics needed.