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Qualified crown and bridge treatments at our dental practice in Munich

Crowns and bridges as a form of dental prostheses without using implants close individual gaps or even several, immediately adjacent gaps.


Qualified crown and bridge treatments munich

Dental prostheses in bridge solutions

An artificial crown is placed on the existing, remaining tooth if and when minimal intensive dental treatments involving fillings or inlays are no longer possible. This may be due to substantial amounts of the dental substance having been lost. The professionals at our dental practice in Munich, in conjunction with the aforementioned dental laboratory, will create a crown that is highly precise and largely based on your original tooth. What we recommend to our patients is high-quality, tooth-coloured, and highly biocompatible ceramic material.

Our crowns, of first-class quality, give you perfect look as well as functionality, and they protect your remaining dental substance.

Dental prostheses in bridge solutions

This type of dental prosthesis is suitable when gaps of up to three adjacent teeth are to be bridged. In this our dentists do, however, investigate whether or not a prosthesis solution on implants may be the better solution in the long term when it comes to saving your remaining dental substance.

Advice for our patients:

Your personal treatment plan

Together with you we develop a treatment plan that is tailored to your personal needs. This is how we identify exactly the dental prosthesis treatment that meets your requirements. Book your appointment for a consultation session at our dental practice in Munich.