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Specialised dental functional therapy in Munich

Dental functional diagnosis as the basis for optimum treatments
The interplay between your teeth and your periodontium, your jaw joints, the central and peripheral nervous systems as well as your muscles comprises countless interrelations and highly precise processes that guarantee coordinated processes when chewing, swallowing, and speaking.


Dental functional therapy Munich

Dental functional therapy administered by experienced experts

Optimum and perfectly coordinated and processes and their trouble-free functioning are crucial factors in this. If this interplay is out of balance, this may have a variety of implications for your jaw, your ears, your neck, your vertebrae, and much more. As part of our expert and specialised services in dental functional therapy we determine the causes and context of your situation, and we ensure that you receive targeted help as part of this functional therapy. If and when needed we turn to a specialised physiotherapist.

Advice for our patients:

Problems in your neck and backbone area?

A vast range of problems – starting with headaches to pain in your ears and tinnitus down to tension in the neck and back area may be a result of an ineffective interplay of the chewing system.