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Aesthetic dental prostheses to address damage to your teeth: Inlays, onlays & partial crowns
In order to protect the dental substance of your teeth as best as when can after they have suffered damage and with the aim to preserve your teeth, we, the dentists at Dr. Kolling Dental Practice, rely on minimally invasive treatment with top-notch – as recommended – ceramic materials. When it comes to inlays, onlays or partial crowns ceramics offer huge advantages in terms of look and duration. They are also biocompatible as a material, and they are agreeable. It goes without saying that we will offer you prosthesis solutions involving different materials at any time and as this is relevant in your individual case.


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Modern technology and procedures for your dental prosthesis

A maximum of precision, fit as well as functionality is contributed to by technically highly advanced equipment at Dr. Kolling Dental Practice in Munich as well as through the expertise and experience of the dental professionals administering your treatment. Our direct and intensive coordination with the highly qualified at the dental laboratory based in the same building as our practice and highly precise production methods, we guarantee that you will receive dental prostheses of the highest quality.

Advice for our patients:

Ceramic dental prostheses

Owing to its similarity in colour to your teeth ceramics, as a material, can barely be told apart from your natural teeth. In addition to the aforementioned advantages in terms of appearance ceramics are also most biocompatible and stable. As such they are a sustainable for of dental restoration.